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  1. Eigenstate definition is - a state of a quantized dynamic system (such as an atom, molecule, or crystal) in which one of the variables defining the state (such as energy .
  2. Eigenstates synonyms, Eigenstates pronunciation, Eigenstates translation, English dictionary definition of Eigenstates. n. One of a set of quantum-mechanical descriptions of the possible state of a physical system, using the mathematics of eigenvectors and generally existing.
  3. Eigenstates and Eigenvalues Consider a general real-space operator. When this operator acts on a general wavefunction the result is usually a wavefunction with a completely different shape. However, there are certain special wavefunctions which are such that when acts on them the result is just a multiple of the original wavefunction.
  4. This definition follows from [20, Corollary 1] which establishes that any single-qubit pure state not one of the six Pauli eigenstates, together with Clifford group operations and Pauli eigenstate preparation and measurement, allows universal quantum computation.
  5. Eigenstates of the Hamiltonian constitute the stationary states of the system, which are directly probed (and detected) by the optical fields (solar photons or laser pulses). From the Frenkel-exciton Hamiltonian (Eq.()), one may get as many excitations in the system as there are contributing chromophores, where every chromophore can be in two (ground or excited) states.
  6. Apr 15,  · An eigenstate is a quantum state whose wave function is an eigenfunction of the linear operator that corresponds with an observable. The eigenvalue of that wave function would be the quantity you observe when you measure that observable (the eigen.
  7. Aug 11,  · In other words, eigenstates of an Hermitian operator corresponding to different eigenvalues are automatically orthogonal. Consider two eigenstates of \(A\), \(\psi_a\) and \(\psi_a'\), that correspond to the same eigenvalue, \(a\). Such eigenstates are termed degenerate. The previous proof of the orthogonality of different eigenstates fails for.
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  9. The energy eigenstates form a complete set of (orthonormal) states so that any state can be represented by an appropriate superposition of energy eigenstates. 4. Measurements of energy can only return one of the energy eigenvalues. The likelihood that a given energy eigenvalue is returned upon measurement is the square of the magnitude of the.

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